Economics and Markets

The objective of Economics and Markets is to assess your understanding of quantitative methodologies, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.

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Studying with EdooSmart will give you an opportunity to receive valuable guidance and tips on how to study SMART for all of our course offerings. We also provide a variety of helpful learning materials, online practice tests with formal grading and regular feedback to keep you on track throughout the semester. We believe that our trainer team with their great passion and responsibility can help you overcome any obstacles you face in the learning process and gradually set you up for success on your journey to CPA designation.

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I highly recommend EdooSmart and Mike Nguyen (great tutor). Go for it …Mike had extensive knowledge in all the CPA Subjects .. I would rate 5/5 for Mike.. Thanks Mike for your help throughout my Studies.. His manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing!! He’s patient and supportive, and really knows how to motivate his students. He’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons precise to the keypoint. I could crack my CPA foundation exams just with his three classes. He is good at chasing the studies and following up throughout each modules of Financial Accounting and Reporting and Management Accounting. Within 2 months of time, by constant effort and classes I cracked the FAR and MA.. I would have never achieved this in two months without his valuable classes… Cheers to Mike Nguyen

from India/Sydney

HIGHLY RECOMMEND EDOOSMART cho các bạn đang muốn chinh phục CPA Foundation càng sớm càng tốt nhé !!!! SMART ở đây phải nói đến cách thiết kế nội dung bài học, cực kỳ trọng tâm và hiệu quả. Mình và 1 người bạn tìm đến với anh Mike sau khi tự học môn FAR một cách không "SMART" lắm - tự học theo Study Guide - ròng rã một tháng trời mà vẫn mơ mơ màng màng, không tự tin mấy với lượng kiến thức và bài tập quá nhiều. Vậy mà chỉ sau hơn một tuần học 1-1 với anh Mike đều tự tin đi thi và đạt được 750 & 780 điểm ngay lập tức. Bật mí thêm là mình chỉ làm 100 câu exam trong vòng chưa đến 60 phút Trainer Mike thì cực kỳ thân thiện, dễ thương, giảng giải tận tình & luôn sẵn sàng giải đáp, hỗ trợ tụi mình 24/7. Nếu biết EDOOSMART sớm hơn thì mình tự tin là trong 1 tháng vẫn có thể hoàn thành 3-4 môn Foundation một cách nhẹ nhàng AMAZING EDOOSMART.

Duy Nghi
from Tasmania

Many thanks to anh Mike Nguyen and EdooSmart for helping pass my very first CPA Foundation exam at first attempt. I was so busy with work and family but trainer Mike has successfully led me through my study journey just within over one month then I passed the exam. Not only young and cool, he is admirably knowledgeable. He always has satisfactory answers for every question in class. Following up study progress of the students, however, not placing any pressure on them while ensuring they prepare well enough to pass the exam, Mike to me is a really good trainer. Another strong point of EdooSmart is that most students pass the exam with surprisingly high scores. We gather more than enough exam results to prove

from Melbourne



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