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EdooSmart provides a strategic plan and interactive tutoring courses for the CPA Program.

Our founder, Mike Nguyen, and Smart Trainers finished the whole program in just 1 year, meaning 3 subjects per semester and 6 units for the whole year. They would love to pass their experience and knowledge to more students.

“We understand that many candidates have to balance between work, family and personal commitments, hence we design courses that best fit everyone. EdooSmart provides CPA candidates with tutoring classes and supports to make the learning process fast and smart to pass CPA Exams”


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What do our students say?

CPA là lựa chọn sáng suốt nhất của mình. Mình gặp vấn đề khi xin SA nhưng nhờ được giới thiệu tới EdooSmart mình đã tự tin hơn nhiều. Cảm ơn a Mike đã đồng hành và hỗ trợ em rất nhiều ♥️

Diệu Hoa
from Berlin

CPA là lựa chọn sáng suốt nhất của mình. Mình gặp vấn đề khi xin SA nhưng nhờ được giới thiệu tới EdooEdooSmart mình đã tự tin hơn nhiều. Cảm ơn a Mike đã đồng hành và hỗ trợ em rất nhiều ♥️

Diệu Hoa
from Berlin

I highly recommend Mike for the financial accounting and reporting foundation, he helped me to achieve outstanding results by clarifying complex concepts, he is very knowledgeable, profesional and reliable.

Diana Marcela Molina

Amazing!!! I got HD with Financial Reporting, one of the most difficult subject, which requires significant effort to PASS for those who working full-time like me. As a student, I found EdooSmart extremely helpful for the preparation of CPA EXAM. The course is hugely useful and informative. My tutor, Mike, has been providing his students with expert guidance, academic support, study materials and constructive comments throughout the course. He's always there when you need him, even 1 day or 1 hour before the exam. Trust me, you will never find a course like this anywhere in Australia.

Phuong Nguyen
From Sydney

Mike is very professional and a good tutor. I have been seeking his guidance since my foundation in CPA. He often provides feedback and teaches students by using a different technique.

Eling Syl

EdooSmart Trainers, especially Mike, has supported me so much for my first CPA subject E&G. Thanks a lot for that. The program offers a perfect environment to exchange ideas, raise concerns, share experience, and get deeper understanding of the subjects.

Tram Bao
from Hanoi

Chào mọi người, ai muốn học CPA thì hãy tìm đến thầy Mike nhé. Chất lượng thì học đâu đậu đến đó, nhiệt tình tâm huyết và tư vấn rất tận tâm luôn. Đặc biệt là hỏi bài không hiểu là thầy chỉ bảo tận tình lắm! Mình đã vượt qua được chặng đường gian nan của CPA nhờ thầy Mike thôi. Cám ơn Mike nhiều nhé.

Trinh Doan
from Ho Chi Minh

I would dare say that Mike's help made the whole difference between passing and failing my FAR foundation exam. Highly recommended.

Camilo Osorno
from Sydney

A big thank to EdooSmart, especially chị Khánh. I’m touched with the extra effort you have put to our class. With the great help from EdooSmart, I managed to get through Strategic Management Accounting, my very first CPA subject, in one attempt. Strongly recommend EdooSmart to everyone!

Phuong Trinh

Cảm ơn anh Mike rất nhiều vì đã nhiệt tình, tận tâm hướng dẫn 24/7 và tất tần tật mọi vấn đề liên quan đến accounting (ko chỉ riêng thi cử mà còn là job, kinh nghiệm, vv) Highly recommend luôn ạ! Background của mình là đang học master full time 5 môn, đi làm full time 70h vẫn pass được với Distinction. Hy vọng sẽ đc tiếp tục học vs EdooSmart đến hết bằng profession nhé ạ. Thank you LOTS!

Truc Tran

Trainer Mike is the best, I talk craps a lot during classes but he still answers all my questions, highly recommend.

Ba Tung

Strongly recommend EdooSmart for everyone who want to make their CPA journey easy and enjoyable. Special thanks to chị Katherine Huynh, my number one trainer. I wouldn’t achieve it without your help. I’m grateful for your support.

Trang Nguyen
From Melbourne

High recommend for EdooSmart !!! Last semester, I studied SMA with Trainer Khanh. Thanks for the supporting 24/7 till the last day prior my exam, I passed this tough subject. 3000 of like to EdooSmart!!!

Anna Nguyen
From Hanoi


Meet our SMART Team

EdooSmart CPA AI founder smart-member_mike
Mike Nguyen CPAFounder & Trainer

Mike is the Lead Trainer at EdooSmart specialising in helping professionals enrolled in the CPA program achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_david-tran
David Tran CA & SolicitorAdvisory Board Member

David is a highly regarded expert in the fields of law and accounting. He has experience working in international settings with Federal Trade Agency (Austrade) and the Tax Office.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_hanh-tran-ma
Hanh Tran MATrainer

Hanh is an experienced Financial Analyst and Certified Anaplan Model Builder with proven expertise in M&A due diligence, corporate strategy, and business intelligence. She is an advanced Excel user and head-trainer for Financial Modelling

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_katherine-huynh
Katherine Huynh CPAHead Trainer

Katherine’s profession is in practice accounting industry and a CPA trainer for CPA Australia program subjects at EdooSmart.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_linh-nguyen
Thuy Linh Luong CPA & PhD CandidateTrainer

Thuy Linh is PHD student & academic tutor at UTS. She completed CPA Program in 1.5 years with HD/D average (HD in Australian Taxation)

Thuy Linh has over 6 years of experience as an accountant in public accounting firms, specialising in tax consulting and outsourced accounting.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_deborah-ngo
Deborah Ngo CPATrainer

Deborah is a CPA Australia-qualified professional with 4+ years of relevant experience in audit

Deborah always aspires to learn, to improve her skill set and to seek out new opportunities for development.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_carly
Carly LangCCO & Trainer

Carly Lang holds a Bachelor of Commerce, major in Finance at Macquarie University. She has experience as an executive member at many non-profit organisations, Tax Agent, HealthTech and Fintech firms in Australia.

EdooSmart CPA AI smart-member_rose-dang
Rose Dang CATrainer

Rose Dang is a Chartered Accountant and an auditor. She worked as a Lecturer Assistant at UST and is now an Accounting Tutor at St Andrew College as well as a Senior External Auditor at a second tier firm.

EdooSmart CPA AI trainer tram-vo
Tram Vo CPATrainer

Tram is a dedicated CPA Australia-qualified mentor boasting over 7 years of rich experience across global and public sector firms.

Tram brings to the table a profound hands-on mastery of accounting principles, ready to be shared with those aspiring to excel in the CPA Program.



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