I'm new to the CPA Program - where should I start?

Welcome to the CPA! It is a great idea to plan out your CPA Program from the beginning. We recommend that you begin with the required courses (excluding GSL), then move on to the electives, and finally GSL. You should also take subjects that will help you with your future career path.

Amongst core subjects (except GSL), EG is a great introduction to the program and is of moderate level difficulty to help you gauge the effort required for the course. It should be followed by SMA and then FR. These subjects, along with EG, provide a strong base for the remaining subjects.

I am planning to do two subjects this semester, what would be the best combination of subjects I should enroll for?

This depends on many factors such as your available study time, other priorities and commitments in life such as working full-time, and the relevance of the Elective subject to your career aspirations. There is no ideal combination but combining FR and SMA has been the most challenging one for students.

What are the key dates for this semester?

What is your teaching method?

Our materials such as summary notes, mind maps, calculation notes are developed based on the latest CPA Study Guides and materials. However, if time allows, you are expected to read and understand the whole study guide because this is what your final exam is based on. We also provide 2 two-hour class sessions per week through zoom in 12 weeks and frequent online tests with formal marking and feedback in order to keep your performance on track. Different packages offer different learning resources.

Are the EdooSmart materials updated for the new Study Guide?

Yes, we update our materials to ensure they are aligned with the latest CPA Australia Study Guides in every semester.

What is the pass mark for CPA Program exam?

CPA uses a Scaled Score to mark your exam and the pass mark for all CPA Program exams is set at 540. 

You can check out further details here:


Are the classes recorded?

Our zoom classes are not recorded due to confidentiality matters.

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