Financial Reporting

Knowledge of financial reporting, technical accounting, and principles of doing business in a global context are all imparted in Financial Reporting.

Users of financial statements can utilize the information to better plan for the future of their businesses, create effective leadership strategies, and compete in a global economy. The subject is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), making it suitable for professional learning and development across jurisdictions. While taxation is differentiated from financial reporting, tax accounting is critical information that is covered in this course. Experts in financial reporting provide guidance to a variety of stakeholders, including company executives, industry analysts, shareholders, creditors, and peers. Since financial reporting is always changing, CPA Australia encourages continuous learning for its members.

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Studying with EdooSmart will give you an opportunity to receive valuable guidance and tips on how to study SMART for all of our course offerings. We also provide a variety of helpful learning materials, online practice tests with formal grading and regular feedback to keep you on track throughout the semester. We believe that our trainer team with their great passion and responsibility can help you overcome any obstacles you face in the learning process and gradually set you up for success on your journey to CPA designation.

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Mike is very professional and a good tutor. I have been seeking his guidance since my foundation in CPA. He often provides feedback and teaches students by using a different technique

from Malaysia

Amazing!!! I got HD with Financial Reporting, one of the most difficult subject, which requires significant effort to PASS for those who working full-time like me. As a student, I found EdooSmart extremely helpful for the preparation of CPA EXAM. The course is hugely useful and informative. My tutor, Mike, has been providing his students with expert guidance, academic support, study materials and constructive comments throughout the course. He's always there when you need him, even 1 day or 1 hour before the exam. Trust me, you will never find a course like this anywhere in Australia. So my last word for this review, if you are struggling with CPA EXAM, it is strongly recommended that you should sign up your tuition with EDOOSMART.

from Sydney

A big thank to EdooSmart, especially chị Khánh. I’m touched with the extra effort you have put to our class. With the great help from EdooSmart, I managed to get through Strategic Management Accounting, my very first CPA subject, in one attempt. Strongly recommend EdooSmart to everyone!

from Sydney



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